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Sunday, April 02, 2006

US Immigration: A Simple Solution

American politicians over complicate everything. They think they analyze, but they don't; they convolute and muddle.

Eleven million illegal immigrants are in the U.S. now. If they know the number, they should be able at least to agree on how to begin to solve the problem.

Here's the simple solution to the current (this is new?!) immigration problem:
  1. Set up a toll-free 800 number and man it with 1,000 employees. (I believe there are about eleven million people who would be highly qualified for this bi-lingual position.)
  2. Tell the media that all illegal immigrants have six months to call this number and answer all questions.
  3. The questions are:
    • What's your name and date of birth?
    • What are your spouse's and children's names and birthdays?
    • What is your address?
    • Who is your employer and what is your work address?
    • What's your supervisor's name?
  4. Within a month of an immigrant's call, have an agent visit the address provided to verify all info, and to photograph and fingerprint everyone.
  5. Have the agent drop off forms that have to be completed for each member of the family detailing their personal and business histories, with references. Have clear penalties imposed for anyone who is late in mailing in these forms.
  6. Perform a full background check on all immigrants once the forms are received.
  7. Impose/collect fines and fees.
  8. Process the new immigrants within the U.S.; i.e. do not require them to leave and re-enter.
  9. Issue Green Cards first and allow the immigrants to apply for citizenship in three years.
That's it! Simple. Yes, it's amnesty. Get over it! We're not talking about three thousand people. There are eleven million. Amnesty is required. The U.S. has already used amnesty programs to collect illegal weapons. All of those weapons were illegal and potentially harmful. Only a small percentage of the illegal immigrants are criminals or potentially harmful; the vast majority are decent citizens wanting a decent life and legal existence.

If the above process were begun, the dangerous illegals would quickly be weeded out. Employers would be involved since company and supervisors' names would be provided. A company that already employs illegal workers will have to assist in discovering those who don't come forward to register or face legal repercussions.

This is a needed step in legalizing so many who are now under the radar. The tax benefits alone would almost pay for the implementation of the process.

And if the paranoids still want to, let them construct the wall. They'll feel good that they get to build their homage to cold war separatism. They'll feel that they're "doing something." Fine. At least the country can move forward welcoming the new citizens who will help shape the future.


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