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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Where To Begin

Here is the dilemma of the intelligent blogger with much to say on a variety of topics: To begin writing on a specific one immediately categorizes the author so that readers right away label him.

If I comment on Bush or Bin Laden, I'm a "political commentator."

If I write about Bangkok, I'm a "travel writer."

If I complain about Britney, I'm nothing but a "pop culturalist."

If I give home decorating tips for your bathroom, I'm a "Bob-Vila-Wannabe" (and probably gay).

If I rant about Bubbles, well then I'm just another "Michael Jackson hater."

The issue is this: How to keep discerning readers, who already know a thing or two about the world, interested. I'll be trying.

I think more often than not I'll succeed. You be the judge.