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Monday, May 24, 2004

Testing this Hello photoblogging thing

So far, Google and the Blogger boys have made everything easy regarding the posting of text and the publishing of anyone's writings. This Hello from Picasa business makes life a lot more complicated.

Although photo-hosting and providing the ability to post images to one's blog is a definite must-have, and of course we all knew it was coming, this required download of the Hello app and the confusing and not-very-user-friendly way to upload pics, is cumbersome and too complicated.

Within the Create New Post tab of's own web page, we should have the ability to upload images.

This is just a silly test image.
I don't own a TV.

With the current Hello system, one has to upload the image, then, inevitably, go to to edit the post (i.e. create a Title, and move or type one's text around the html code that contains the pic), as I've done here to put text above and below the image. Requiring two applications (Hello and a browser) is too painstaking and, I'll assume, too confusing for those new(er) to blogging. Plus, do we need another IM client?

And...we need to remember yet another username and password. (Please, please don't anyone tell me you are using a Passport account to "consolidate usernames across the net." If so, Bill and the Microsoft Clan are simply databasing your every move. Oh, and remember not to use IE. That's what Mozilla's Firefox is for.)


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