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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Rice confirmed; carbs for all

It is undeniable that Colin Powell has been a well-recognized and highly-respected diplomat for the US, even among nations that would not be considered good friends of America. His departure from the state department is a clear sign that things are not going well for the Bush administration. It's also a wake up call for all of us, a foreshadowing of what may be ahead if the skilled, honourable, efficient and liked are jumping ship.

Wednesday's easy senate confirmation of Condoleezza Rice as President Bush's new secretary of state was another disappointment to democracy, and another sign that the Democrats have a long way to go to prove they actually have the people's best interests at heart, and not big business, as the Republicans unashamedly and routinely demonstrate. Only twelve Democrats voted against Rice while thirty voted for her. What a shame.

Continued support for Bush and his cronies, Rice included, shows the total lack of cohesion within the Democratic ranks. The opportunity for the Democrats in this instance was greater even than during their recent run for office with John Kerry. (Kerry was one of the twelve who voted against her, as a matter of fact.) In their failed bid for the White House, Kerry supporters proved they had nothing on the Bush camp when it came to campaigning and connecting with the people.

Now, when the opportunity was right there to show a cohesive party view and come out with guns blazing against a seemingly misguided nomination in Rice, the Democrats instead voted for her.

Republicans tried to rush through Rice's senate confirmation hoping for a successful vote on the day the President was sworn in for his second term. Democrats delayed that with fairly loud protests saying that it would not provide them with enough time to question her. But after addressing some tough issues regarding Rice's own knowledge of illegal activity in Iraq, and incompetence in managing both Gulf War 2 and the suspect information that led to the US invasion, Democratic senators themselves voted greatly in favour of her as the new secretary of state.

What a shame.