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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey Sergey! Larry! FIRE TODD JACKSON!

From The Official Gmail Blog:

Posted by Todd Jackson, Product Manager, Gmail and Google Buzz:
We quickly realized that we didn't get everything quite right. We're very sorry for the concern we've caused and have been working hard ever since to improve things based on your feedback.

Correction Todd. YOU GOT NOTHING RIGHT! At all!

You made some new "toy" that I don't want. Looks like many of us don't want. And then you made it SHOW OUR PRIVATE INFORMATION IN GMAIL TO OTHER PEOPLE!

This is SHOCKING! STUNNING! TRULY UNFATHOMABLE for Google! I cannot stress this enough. It's just mind boggling. Incomprehensible.

I CAN'T WAIT until someone sues Google over this. Especially if something goes terribly wrong with someone inadvertently sharing his/her location info using Buzz on mobile. ADVICE: If you're about to sue Google, sue Todd Jackson (Product Manager) and Edward Ho (Tech Lead) as well. You'll triple your winnings.

There's a level of incompetence in Todd Jackson that is without definition. I can only imagine a Google exec's response if, for example, I suggested Google add some good ol' Facebook and Twitter junk to Gmail. AND THEN MAKE IT DEFAULT AND SHARE PRIVATE INFO!

Damn! Good job tarnishing the (good?) Google name!

I'll say it again. Fire Todd. Jackson. Fire him. Get rid of Buzz.


Bunch of morons.

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